Bachelor of Business Administration (Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences)

Apeldoorn, Netherlands

Reviewed by FIBAA

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Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences

Executive Summary

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) offered by Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences (WUAS), the Netherlands, was assessed by the Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation (FIBAA), Germany. This assessment procedure took place within the framework of the Certificate for Quality in Internationalisation project.

FIBAA convened an assessment panel which studied the self-evaluation report and undertook a site visit from July 12 to 13, 2023, at the HEI’s premises in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands.

The panel concluded that WUAS has formulated and documented goals on internationalisation and intercultural aspects. The goals are designed in a way that a verification of their achievement is possible and stakeholders of the University are involved in these processes. Further, the internationalisation goals also explicitly include measures that contribute to the overall quality of teaching and learning.

In the view of the panel, the overall programme learning outcomes regarding internationalisation found their way into the learning outcomes of the modules. International and intercultural content are important aspects of the BBA programme. As a result, the international content as well as cultural aspects and communication skills are appropriately provided in the BBA programme.

The teaching methods are designed to enable students to achieve the intended learning outcomes and the examination forms allow the lecturers to check adequately the achievement of specific international learning outcomes. The acquisition of intercultural skills is strongly promoted and the created learning environment is clearly above average in the view of the panel. The diversity of the teaching and administrative staff of WUAS, as well as the student body, has a direct bearing on the University’s international profile and the quality of its academic programme. At WUAS, staff and students work together to foster a truly international and intercultural environment that is advantageous to all students and faculty. Nevertheless, the panel is of the opinion that WUAS should make more use of the opportunities offered by Erasmus+ and other cooperation so that the staff not only continues to gain international experience, but also becomes further involved in an international academic network.

To conclude, both the lecturers and the students can contribute their knowledge and experience based on their own cultural and social backgrounds in their studies and thus, promote the international orientation of the programme and the intercultural exchange.