European Studies – The Hague University of Applied Sciences

The Hague, Netherlands

Reviewed by NVAO

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The Hague University of Applied Sciences

Executive summary

Standard 1: Good 
The programme has eloquently expressed its view on internationalisation and intercultureality. Combined with the responsiveness to feedback that the programme displays, the audit panel rewards this standard with ‘good’.

Standard 2: Excellent
Because of the advanced assessment techniques, the level of end products and especially the sense of a truly intercultural learning community at ES brings the audit panel to judge this standard as
‘excellent’ and consider it exemplary for other institutions.

Standard 3: Excellent
Due to the internalised intercultureality the ES programme provides a truly intercultural learning environment. The deliberate selection of teaching methods and the solid and in cases innovative content areas, the audit panel deems this standard as ‘excellent’ and a beacon of good practice.

Standard 4: Excellent
The qualifications and experience of the staff of ES, combined with the appreciation of students for  their commitment and language skills and the research-stimulation are applauded by the audit panel. This standard is judged ‘excellent’.

Standard 5: Good 
The learning community of ES is truly an important matter for students, staff and management at ES and the audit panel judges this standard as ‘good’.

Overall judgement 

The programme is awarded a ‘good’ for Standards 1 and 5, and an excellent rating for Standards 2, 3 and 4.

Based on the programme’s documented internationalisation goals, the programme has successfully implemented effective internationalisation activities which according to the panel demonstrably contribute to the quality of teaching and learning.

In tune with ECA’s assessment rules which decide that a programme certifies for Quality in Internationalisation when at least three out of the five standards are assessed as good or excellent and no standard is assessed as unsatisfactory, the panel proposes that the bachelor European Study of The Hague University of Applied Sciences be awarded the Certificate for Quality in Programme Internationalisation.